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Garage Door Opener Not Responding

It’s a sunny Monday morning and you’re late for office. You run out of the dining area, half-eaten sandwich in hand, and rush towards the garage. You thumb the garage door opener’s remote, but nothing happens. You press the button again and again, but nothing happens. You give up and rush to the wall-switch, but to no avail. We’ve all been in situations where our garage door openers not responding when we need them the most. Let’s go over why these otherwise godsend devices fail, and what we can do to fix them.

In situations where both the remote and the wall-switch fail to deploy the door opener, the most common culprit is often a disrupted power source. The motor may have gotten disconnected, in which case one should go check the cables and plug. The cables might have become damaged or the plug may not have been inserted properly. Alternatively, there may be an issue with the fuse or circuit breaker. This problem is relatively tougher to identify. But we can fix the issue by simply getting a spare from a store nearby and replacing the faulty component.

In the event of the garage door opener responding to the remote and not the wall-switch, the problem may lie with the wires or the wall-switch itself. We can identify the component at fault by disconnecting the switch from the wires. If the garage door opener runs fine on touching the two wires, then the wall-switch is the culprit, and will need to be replaced. Switch spares are easily available, and can be installed without much trouble. If the opener doesn’t run on touching the two wires together then the wires themselves are faulty. In this case the wires will need to be replaced.

It may also happen that the garage door opener responds to the wall-switch but not to the remote. There are quite a few possibilities as to why that happens. First, you may be too far from the receiver! Try moving closer and getting within range of the receiver. If the remote still doesn’t work, check and replace the batteries. More often than not the problem is nothing more severe than a case of dead batteries, If the garage door opener still fail to respond, try adjusting the receiver’s antenna and ensure it’s pointing downwards, towards you. If the opener still doesn’t work, you have a faulty remote. You can attempt to give the remote another chance by reprogramming it, but there are no guarantees that doing that will fix it. The last option is of course, to replace the remote itself. You can get a replacement for the specific garage door opener model at nearby stores, or online. You can also look for universal remotes in case you can’t find a replacement remote for the exact model. Alternatively, you can get a new receiver, and install it.

Do make sure that you get authentic, quality spares so that your garage door opener functions to the best of its ability, and doesn’t let you down when you need it most.