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Garage Door Opener With Battery Backup Reviews

Commercial garage door openers cease to work during power outages. This is where the door openers having a battery backup step in as a lifesaver which work even in a lack of power. Moreover, you gain an ease of operating the garage doors with the mere help of buttons.

Even after deciding to install a door opener with battery backup, the choice goes on to create a new dilemma. Which brand to choose from. Considering the huge range of models available in the market nowadays, the customer is spoilt for choices.The technology is constantly evolving amongst all the battery backup opener products.

Various factors come into consideration while choosing the perfect garage door opener with a battery backup. A lot of thinking needs to go into the choosing procedure, and they should be based on the following two factors:

  • Choosing the right brand – This is one big step towards selecting that one product what was meant to be fit in your garage. The popularity, reputation and time duration for how long the brand has been prevailing in the market is important. Also factors such as budget is to be considered.
  • The model specifications – This refers to the size, dimension and operation type of the opener to be chosen. They are generally of the chain, the screw, and the belt drive type. Also the features they provide are of utmost importance.
  • Other factors such as durability, maintenance cost, lifting ability, noise levels and speed of operation also helps in fine tuning the choosing phase. The lifting ability hugely depends on the motor horse power.

Based on the above factors, the garage door openers can be ranked as follows:

1. CHAMBERLAIN WD832KEV Ultra Quiet – This latest model is practically noiseless, has a 1/2 hp motor power, is very robust, and operates on the belt drive. It has a smart security system with features like “Protector system safety sensors” and “Time to closure”. ON standby, power consumption is almost none. It can even be connected to and Android phone or an iPhone to access the control panel. It has a budget friendly pocket pinch below $200, and has a wide range of features which brings it to the top of the list. Dimensions are 26.8 x 8 x 13.2 inches and weighs around 35 pounds.

2. CHAMBERLAIN PD612EV -The chain driven 1/2 motor power garage opener can even lift heavy doors easily. The MyQ enabled technology, along with its extremely strong and durable chain makes it one of the most popular garage door openers. The cordless keypad with 2 three-button remote control, along with the low cost makes it a very tempting choice.Dimensions are 26.8 x 8.1 x 13.4 inches and weighs 37.4 pounds.

3. GENIE 1022-C -This 1/2-Horsepower opener uses a powerful 600 DC motor and has a reliable dual gear chain drive. The Genie Intellicode security system prevents any kind of illegal entry and one remote wall mount push button opens the door effortlessly.It is robust with a 3 level rail assist with safe T-Beams. The model is noiseless, and the cost is reasonable.Dimensions are 39 x 11 x 8 inches, and weighs around 39 pounds.

4. CHAMBERLAIN WD962KEV -The Whisper Drive has a superior, durable structure. It is provided with two remote controls, each equipped with large buttons for easier accessibility. System codes for opening and shutting the door differs everytime you send a command. It even has a manual control access. Other essential features include the Motion Detection Control Panel and the Auto force sensing technology. The cost is below 300$, which is reasonable when the vast features and the lifetime warranty it offers is considered.Dimensions are 27.2 x 9.7 x 13.1 inches and weighs 37.6 pounds.

5. DIRECT DRIVE 1042V001 -This 3/4 HP mobile opener is an advanced technology of the avant-garde. It uses a stationary chain, making it peacefully serene . Installation is very easy, and the product is very reliable. This extremely affordable door opener only has one mobile part operated by the motor. It can both be used for garage as well as home doors. Unlike conventional garage door openers, the gear damage is minimal. It even has a battery lifetime of about 30000 hours, and provides lifetime warranty.Dimensions are 42 x 10 x 6.5 inches and weighs about 40 pounds.

6. LIFTMASTER 8500 Elite Series -This smart garage door opener provides is more durable and long lasting than any other wall mount opener brand. It provides an enhanced security as well as it is user-friendly. It is weather proof, and continuously scans the atmospheric conditions and the garage door height. The variable force feature adjusts the shutting or opening speed. The power consumption and battery use rate is minimal. The encrypted codes used change every time the door is opened or closed. Even after the battery runs out, manual usage of the door is possible.

In conclusion, like every year, the Chamberlain garage door openers still occupy the topmost position in terms of both value, and performance. Genie openers are ideal for people on budget, while a Direct Drive opener would be the best choice for quietest operation.But choose any model that suits you the most. The above mentioned garage door openers are outstanding in terms of quality, price and durability, plus they come with an ample load of features, and are thus the best garage door openers.